Our team works hard and pours their commitment and care into every batch of treats.

Thank you to Regina Madwed at Capitol PhotoInteractive for giving our team members the opportunity to experience a professional photo session.


Andrew enjoys running the point of sale machine at the Team Woofgang & Co., retail store, both for the chance to greet customers and because he appreciates the accessibility of this technology. One day he would like to work in a hospital, feeling his own experiences there would provide insightful help to others. He has a beautiful lab, Duke, loves the Yankees, and enjoys publishing his own music blogs for fun.


Caroline’s favorite part of Team Woofgang & Co. is meeting new people and helping customers, which provides great experience since she aspires for a career in childcare. In her free time, Caroline likes going to the movies and eating out, dancing, singing, shopping, walking her dog, Louie, and hanging out with her friends, including those who work with her at Team Woofgang & Co.


When at Team Woofgang Charlie’s favorite tasks are delivering the dog treats, greeting customers and meeting new people. He has 2 dogs – Delilah and Dottie. Charlie likes everything about cars and some day he hopes to buy and sell them. For fun Charlie likes to talk on the phone, take walks and watch the Steelers, Penguins and Yankees.


Chris enjoys meeting the people who come into Team Woofgang & Co., along with baking the treats of course. His favorite part is stamping the paw print on top of each Pupper Nutter Patty. In his free time, he plays basketball and baseball, and likes to hang out with his friends and watch sports on TV. One day he would like a job in cleaning or food prep so he knows he is on the right path with his involvement with Team Woofgang & Co.​


Chris loves helping out customers and doing store inventory, so Team Woofgang & Co. is a perfect fit for him. In addition to working here, Chris is a professional actor who has had many roles in tv, ads and movies. He has a new dog named Marley who he enjoys walking. Whether he’s hanging with his bros or keeping everyone safe at Team Woofgang & Co., Chris likes helping everyone (in his words), “Get our Woof on!”


Claudia enjoys working in our retail shop, straightening the store and folding t-shirts. She’s the ultimate greeter, always helping customers find that perfect item. And you can’t help but smile when she rings you up and says “Have a sparkly day!”


What Grace likes the most about Team Woofgang is working with friends, learning new things and meeting new people. She doesn’t have her own pet but loves dogs and most animals. Grace is an empath – sensitive to others feelings, and is always trying to help her friends and coworkers. Grace loves to watch youtube and hopes to have a career in making music videos.


Grace’s favorite thing to do at Team Woofgang is customer service. She loves answering any questions that customers have and working the cash register. Grace doesn’t have any pets inside the house, but outside she has a resident groundhog named Gerald. Her dream job is to be a teacher. She writes thank you notes at Team Woofgang which is helping her develop her writing skills and preparing her for becoming a teacher. In her free time Grace likes to read, listen to music, write, and paint. She also enjoys traveling with her family to different cities.


For Gwen, Team Woofgang & Co. is like her second family. She loves working at the retail store and talking with customers about why people like her can make excellent employees. “It’s all about our abilities,” she proudly explains. “We have many.” She hopes to someday work in a hospital with children. Gwen loves her team members, listening to music, and spending time with her family and her dog, Elsa.


Harry’s favorite thing about Team Woofgang & Co. is meeting and talking to people, answering their questions and showing off the growing range of merchandise in the store. Harry thinks a job in sales would be a good fit for him, so Team Woofgang & Co. is a perfect place for him to hone his skills. When he’s not ruling the floor at Team Woofgang & Co.’s retail store on Post Road in Fairfield, Harry is volunteering at the library, going to the gym, reading, swimming, or hanging out with his dog, Finn.


The dream job for Hillary would be to work with animals. She has 2 dogs – Rex and Alfie. At Team Woofgang Hillary enjoys making dog treats, learning new things and meeting new people. When not at Team Woofgang Hillary loves playing with her dogs, going on vacation and reading books. She’s read all the Harry Potter books with her dad.


Isabel would love to work in a store or at a bakery like Carlo’s one day, so she’s definitely building the skills she needs here at Team Woofgang & Co. When she’s not working hard, you might find Isabel at a concert (she loves music — her favorite band is Great Big Sea), riding horses, or Irish step dancing! Isabel attended the Rise Program at Sacred Heart University.


Matt is not only the king of the kitchen but also excels at keeping the Team Woofgang & Co. retail store neat and clean. When not baking dog treats with his fellow team members he’s making pizzas at Colony Grill. His favorite pastimes include cooking for fun, listening to music, kickboxing, or writing stories on his iPad.


Matthew loves making dog treats, serving customers, and learning new things at Team Woofgang & Co. His dream is to be a newscaster or work at a box office at sporting events. When not at Team Woofgang & Co. he likes to workout, take bike rides, and attend sporting events. He is a die hard sports fan and his favorite teams are the L.A. Dodgers and the N.Y. Yankees. Matt has a dog named Winston.


Megan enjoys working side-by-side with her Team Woofgang & Co. team members baking our popular Pupper Nutter Patties. She is right at home in the kitchen. Megan also enjoys dog sitting for her sister’s pet, Piper, who loves their Woofgang treats. Megan is a karaoke queen, loves to dance, and enjoys watching movies with family and friends.


Nicky most enjoys his time working hard with his friends – making dog treats and blankets, serving customers, helping keep the store nice and clean, meeting new people, and learning new things. His dream job would be to work for WWE on Roman Reign’s staff. In his free time when not at Team Woofgang, Nicky enjoys going out for lunch and walking with his friends, hanging out with his brothers and cousins and watching WWE. Nicky is a hard worker, learns quickly and loves to eat!


Whether he’s stocking the shelves, cleaning the store, or baking and packaging the treats, Patrick does it all at Team Woofgang & Co. with a smile on his face. Patrick is friendly and social and enjoys music, movies, swimming, traveling, and spending time with his family and his dog, Winnie. He likes to work and seeks friendship and acceptance like most other young adults. One day he plans to bring his talent to a career as a food critic.


Tyler enjoys meeting new people and welcoming them into the Team Woofgang retail store with his Tobi/Dynavox communication device which allows him to communicate with the people around him. His outstanding customer service and work ethic are helping him prepare for his goal of working in a store where he can greet people and help them find the perfect item to purchase. In his free time, when not at Team Woofgang, Tyler likes to bowl, swim, watch sports and go out to eat.


You can find Will working at Team Woofgang’s retail store where he loves working the register and helping customers with their sale. He also enjoys baking the dog treats with his fellow team members. Will has a pet goldfish named Coco. His career goal is to become an occupational therapist and help people. In his free time Will listens to music and watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. He is the ultimate Boston sports fan, rooting for the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics.

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